Some things, such as stalagmites, grow very slowly, other things, such as puppies, way too fast. Then there are things like the Internet that grow at an exponential rate. 

In the beginning, the internet consisted of very few networks, today it is over 35,000, of which Facebook and Google are the most famous. 

In the 1970s there were a couple thousand internet users, today it is two billion each day and growing, most people probably including yourself use several devices to go online. In the case of a network, exponential growth is good because the higher bandwidth the networks are, the faster and more efficient they are. 

Currently, fiber optics networks are the peak as of this writing in which the individual bits race as light pulses through the fiber optic cable and contain, for example, information about my website that you are currently using on your device. If your network and the network of the website are directly connected, this is of course much faster than if the information had to travel halfway around the world to a common router that connects your two networks.

 For example, if you search the NASA homepage on Google and click on the link, this is quite fast that’s because Google and NASA have a direct connection between their data centers. In data centers they connect different networks, we need a physical location that connects many cables that connect different routers, companies, and networks. 

Even my website is hosted in a data center. 
Thanks for making it to the end of this rather boring article.

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