With increasing demand for solid cybersecurity, both in human head count, capital and leading-edge security solutions, we have all, the cybersecurity pundits, educational gray beards, and public officials, missed a simple truth. Cybersecurity means nothing by itself. It is how it is engaged within the physical world where you see the positive results.

So, I must ask the Trade Schools, Colleges and Universities. For all engineering programs, have you added X classes on cybersecurity? Electrical & Mechanical engineers?  Nuclear Engineering? Petrochemical? Let’s drill in the mantra of cybersecurity within all fields. From within Trade Schools, how is the discussion on secure S.C.A.D.A. and Control systems going. Have we drilled into the heads of our students that cybersecurity must be defined within the project statement of work? How about you in the golden tower of computer science? How about a mandated 1-3 classes on basic cybersecurity covering secure coding practices? Big data? Code scanning? Secure systems design? Architecture?

Not to be left out, Hey Business majors, who me? Yeah you over there,  have you heard of secure supply chains?!?! Manchurian chips? How do you develop a double-blind validation system for your supply chain? How about a security committee of Procurement, Engineering, Legal, and Cybersecurity?  Whats the best collaboration method to cross reference your risks and align them to the specific business requirements?  

With new graduates coming into the work force with a drill down understanding of the challenges within cybersecurity we will see greater security results within I.o.T, I.o.M, Vehicle, Critical Infrastructure and much more.

Adding cybersecurity in hindsight increases the cost of any effort greatly, design upfront, in a proactive manner will insure the security of world we live in.

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